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The game begins at 15:00 and takes place at Trace Arena in Stara Zagora. Vereya and Ludogorets will be put in front of them, meaning places 6 and first. I think we are expecting an interesting duel because the guests do not allow a wrong move in this move, while the hosts hope to tangle them.

He occupied the 6th position in the first Bulgarian league and gathered 26 points in 17 rounds.
It is quite inconsistent in the last 3 games with 3 defeats and 2 wins.
Home is even more oscillating after a draw, 2 games lost and the last one won.
The offensive is a modest one, only 8th in Prva PFL and has so far marked only 17 times.
Defense is on the same place as the team, the 6th and therefore has scored 18 goals in total.

It’s like the championship leader with 42 points after 17 stages.
And she’s inconstant and in the last 5 matches she has a draw, two defeats and two wins.
On the way, however, he went extraordinary and on the previous 5 he won quite easily.
It is based on the best attack in Bulgaria with 40 successes, Keseru having 9 of them.
She also has the best defense, along with Levski, with 8 goals.

Direct meetings
Only 4 confrontations have been between these two bands so far.
All these duels are recent, two in 2016 and two in 2017.
Ludogorets won all at least 2 goals difference, but a game was friendly.
In the only dispute in Stara Zagora, the band in Razgrad was amazed by winning 5-1.

My tip for Vereya vs Ludogorets
In Bulgaria things are pretty clear, there is Ludogorets and then the rest of the teams, the band in Razgrad being well over the other bands, maybe only CSKA and Levski Sofia are somewhere closer to its value.
However, between Ludogorets and Veraya is an enormous difference and it will surely be seen on the field, as was seen in the direct meetings, when Keseru, Moti and the company were forced each time to a minimum of 2 goals difference.
In his disputes, the former opponent of the Star of the Champions League played well and only one of the eight championships did not win, and in 5 of them he was forced to a minimum of 2 goals.
Vereya has big problems with the offensive lately and has not scored in 3 of the last 5 games of the first Bulgarian league and if he is not even now, it is hard to believe that he will not lose at least 2 goals difference, given that has cheered you with an extraordinary attack.