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VfL Bochum – Fortuna Dusseldorf – Except that they have only once defeated and eliminated in the second round of the Cup, there are no other similarities between these teams. Bochum is at the top of the table very low and closer to the fallout zone, while Fortuna is the leader on the table and is playing very well right from the start. A little defeat of Borussia in the Cup spoiled the atmosphere, but only in the championship have a series of five wins. Bochum is in a row of victories and defeats and triumphs mainly in their field. Last season Fortuna celebrated in both mutual duels.

VfL Bochum

Still in the second round, Bochum has played the only rumble this season, and after that the defeats and defeats are replaced, but the defeat is a little more and that is why they are in the lower part of the table. In the last five rounds, they lost in the rhythm and won three wins, while in two domestic matches they scored a goal with no goals scored from the same 2: 0. Out of a total of four wins, only one was made by guests.
During the week they were eliminated from the Cup and this was a defeat at Paderborna with 2: 0, with 1: 0 being penalized by Bastians. In the last lap they lost at Braunschweig with 1: 0 and this was the second match at the new Rasiejewski coach. He played both duels with almost the same composition as he changed in the Cup. Perthel, Hoogland and Janelt are still out of the machine.

Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fortuna has been eliminated from the Cup during the week, but they can not quite blame them because they played against the first team, Borussia from M’gladbach and provided good resistance to their field. In the end, there was 1: 0 for the guests, so Fortuni now only left the championship, which is excellent and is in the first place with nine wins. They lost once and for all once, all the earlier in the season, because they had celebrated so many times in the previous five laps.
They did not even give up in the Cup so easily and Gieselmann did not miss the penalty, so they could easily have a better result, and coach Funkel made a rather strong team with little change compared to the premier duel. Some players such as Schmitz and Ayrton from the last line could not play in the Cup due to a suspension and was hurt by goalkeeper Rensing. Now we believe that the aforementioned duo will surely be in the initial form, while the dilemma may be at the top of the attack between Henning and Kujovic. The rest of the team could be the same as in the last round when the minimum of 1: 0 win over Darmstadt.

VfL Bochum – Fortuna Dusseldorf TIP

Bochum does not blink, but at least in the past, it’s good on their pitch. Fortuna is in a great series wanting to continue and overcome the elimination of the Cup, and will be here too. Bochum will have to accept such a game and it could bring a lot of goals.