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Round Volta shape sub20
Worth the rating for the Voltaço. As the group has been tossed, a victory will be enough to be won by the Voltaço so that the classification is confirmed. The team, in fact, has not thrilled in their performances and will need to produce more if they do not want to miss out on a great chance to move on.
If you lack force for imposition, you do not lack dedication to overcome. In both games played, the Voltaço was behind in the marker and was willing to be able to fight for the points. At the front, technically, it may have the main challenge, but with it already eliminated, with big holes in its tactical organization, Volta Redonda hopes to do whatever it takes, surpassing the rival the basis of layout and organization.
The Voltaço has the same basis as the last games available.

Estanciano form sub20
A feather. The estanciano was one of the teams that I liked to see playing among those with little name. However, playing well, drawing attention and not being able to impose itself in favor of results, of little value has. The Estanciano lost the two games that disputed, arriving at this last round already without chances of classification.
I do not know how the team’s motivation will be after the hard blows of playing well and not getting the points. On the other hand, with nothing to worry about, the team will act even more loosely. All your values ​​are facing the front line. However, defensive irregularities are acute. Play and let play possibly be your motto again.
I do not know the squad for today. As it is already eliminated, one or another change, running the cast, should happen.

Our Tip
Sincerely? Difficult prognosis game. Will Estanciano maintain his posture, even if he is eliminated? The Voltaço is who needs the result, has a lot of disposition in his actions, but difficulties for imposition. By the way of Estanciano, by the need of the Voltaço, I imagine a game that is busy, open and with some goals coming to pass.