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On Wednesday evening there will be a relegation match for the third division promotion between the second substitutes of VfL Wolfsburg and FC Bayern Munich. This duel of the regional league champions from the north and from Bavaria is the only regional league relegation duel this year, as the regional league champions from the squadrons West (Viktoria Cologne), southwest (Waldhof Mannheim) and northeast (Chemnitzer FC) ascend directly. The tension is even greater for young wolves and for the “little Bavarians”, because the work of a whole year now depends on just two games (the second leg will take place next Sunday). In the following, the betting base will analyze in detail the squads, the season progression and the current form curve of the teams in order to be able to make a prediction for the match VfL Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II.

Football Betting Tips Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II

Both teams have had to experience some relegation play in the past few years. The Wolfsburg were subject twice: in 2014 against the SG Sonnenhof Großaspach and two years later against the then trained by Heiko Herrlich SSV Jahn Regensburg. The Bayern failed only once, but this very dramatically by a major goalkeeping error of Lukas Raeder in injury time of the second leg against Fortuna Köln (also 2014). The Bavarian season is due to a variety of village clubs and relatively manageable numbers of viewers (exception, of course, the TSV 1860 Munich in the past season) as one of the unattraktiveren regional leagues. However, the formerly repeatedly cited thesis that even the local level of play leaves much to be desired compared to the other squadrons, the Bavarian representatives could more than impressively refute. After the dramatic failure of FC Bayern succeeded the Bavarian teams (Würzburg, Regensburg, Unterhaching, 1860) four seasons in a row to prevail in the playoffs. Of course, this history alone is not enough as a basis to avoid Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II to place a tip on the away team.

Wolfsburg II – Statistics & Current Form

The Wolfsburger rely on the second generation consistently on the offspring. With captain and defender Julian Klamt, midfield director Michele Rizzi and striker Marcel Stutter are the three outfield players in the squad, which are older than 22, distributed to all parts of the team. The idea of ​​promoting young and talented young players is thus – as has been the case for many years – stringently implemented. With Robin Knoche, Maximilian Arnold and Elvis Rexhbeçaj, there are often three real-time former junior footballers in the starting line-up of the pros, which is an impressive home-grown rate that should be kept or even extended. Therefore, the majority of the current talents in the squad of second representation has previously gone through the junior teams of VfL, for the former professional Pablo Thiam has the overall responsibility and are also highly successful. So not only the second representation of the wolves became master, but also the U19 and the U17 greet from place 1 of the table of the respective season north / northeast. A very impressive offspring record, which is now to be crowned in the relegation matches with the rise of the reserve. Here are the Wolfsburg especially on their offensive, which met in the league home games on average almost three times per game (the exact average is 49 hits in the 17 home games at 2.88). Striker Daniel Hanslik with 30 scorer points as well as director Michele Rizzi with 17 scorers stood out aggressively this season. But also the still young wingman Richmond Tachie has proven to be a constant source of trouble for the opposing defenses. So comes the German Ghanaian on nine hits in only 19 missions. It will be very interesting to see whether coach Ruediger Ziehl’s offensive power of his men against the away in the Regionalliga Bayern extremely well-fitting Bayern defender, who had to accept in the course of the season on foreign seats only 14 goals, can put on the pitch. At the end of the regular season the VfL played 1: 1 draw in Rehden. The bookmakers are undecided on the party between Wolfsburg II and Bayern II in terms of a prediction and awarded relatively balanced quotas.

Last matches of Wolfsburg II:

⚽️ 18.05.2019 – BSV Rehden vs.. Wolfsburg II 1: 1 (Regionalliga Nord)
⚽️ 11.05.2019 – Wolfsburg II vs. Egestorf 4: 2 (Regionalliga Nord)
⚽️ 04.05.2019 – Hannover 96 II vs. Wolfsburg II 1: 1 (Regionalliga Nord)
⚽️ 26.04.2019 – Wolfsburg II vs. FC St.Pauli II 2: 0 (Regionalliga Nord)
⚽️ 14.04.2019 – Lupo Martini Wolfsburg vs. Germany Wolfsburg II 0: 5 (Regionalliga Nord)

Bayern II – Statistics & Current Form

The FC Bayern has been trying for eight years with all his might to lead his second representation back into the third division, and has worn in the course of some almost unbelievably well-known coach. So u tried. a. Andries Jonker (later Bundesliga coach in Wolfsburg), Erik ten Hag (who recently led Ajax Amsterdam to the Champions League semi-finals!), Heiko Vogel (former champion coach at FC Basel) and Tim Walter (currently Holstein Kiel) are in all likelihood in the new season VfB Stuttgart) unsuccessful at this endeavor. This year, for the first time since the 2013/2014 season, it was again possible to reach the promotion relegation games. In this presses a great pressure to succeed on the team of head coach Holger Seitz, the Bayern invested but about 100 million euros (!) In 2017 opened the new FC Bayern campus, which is home to reserve and junior teams.

Everything is geared to the fact that the leap into the third league finally succeeds, presumably in the presidential nephew Sebastian Hoeneß (son of Dieter Hoeneß) would take over the coaching position, while Seitz is to be built as successor to club legend Hermann Gerland as NLZ leader , The Munich acted in the squad planning basically exactly like their relegation opponents from the north and have their three U23 field players on the three parts of the team defense, midfield and storm distributed. These are captain and defender Nico Feldhahn, Maximilian Welzmüller striker in midfield and Kwasi Okyere Wriedt by storm. Welzmüller, however, is likely to be missing due to an ankle injury in the relegation matches, which is a really bitter failure for the Bayern reserve. All the more rested the hopes of “Otschi” Wriedt, who scored 31 points scorer in 33 games in the past season. The Bayern will always put on their away very compact defense and build parallel to the fact that the highly rated Wriedt (who brings at least the potential for the second league) succeeds an important away goals to get a good starting position for the second leg against a home crowd , On the last day of the regular season Bayern had to take a small damper, as they lost 2-1 at Wacker Burghausen.

Last matches of Bayern II:

⚽️ 18.05.2019 – Wacker Burghausen vs. Bayern II 2: 1 (Regionalliga Bayern)
⚽️ 10.05.2019 – Bayern II vs Fürth II 3: 1 (Regionalliga Bayern)
⚽️ 06.05.2019 – FC Schweinfurt vs Bayern II 1: 1 (Regionalliga Bayern)
⚽️ 02.05.2019 – Bayern II vs Dinamo Zagreb II 2: 0 (Premier League International Cup)
⚽️ 26.04.2019 – Bayern II vs Heimstetten 2: 0 (Regionalliga Bayern)

Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II Direct Comparison

The encounter on Wednesday between Wolfsburg II and Bayern II is a premiere, because so far, the two teams have not competed against each other.

Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II Our Best Betting Tips Explained

If one compares the pure statistical facts before the ascent game, one notices that the Bavarian imports the worse point yield than the Wolfsburg. They also scored fewer goals and scored more goals than the Wolves. But this regional league cross-comparison is without any meaningfulness, since the aforementioned data are based on quite different leagues and opponents. However, both teams also participated in a joint competition this season: the Premier League International Cup. This has been played for five years by 24 reserve teams (twelve English second representatives plus twelve other European reserve teams). While the Wolfsburg already failed in the preliminary round, Bayern sat down as group winners before Brighton & Hove Albion, Everton FC and Benfica Lisbon. In the end, Bayern II was the first German team ever to win the Premier League International Cup!

The rather mixed appearances of the two teams on the last matchday of their respective squadrons can hardly be inferred, since both teams played with the handbrake on, because they could bring the championship title before already in dry shawls. Based on recent years, however, one can conclude that the Regionalliga Bayern has always turned out to be surprisingly strong, as the Bavarian representative was able to prevail four times in succession in the relegation matches. The North Squadron can not show such a record. The Wolfsburg have pulled twice in the relegation matches the short straw. An experience that certainly has an impact on the spirits of the wolves, even if the team is completely different from their last failure three years ago. In addition, the VfL reserve has the disadvantage of having to start at home first. Therefore, we dare the tip in the ascent games VfL Wolfsburg II against Bayern Munich II that the Bayern will prevail and they will succeed in the long-awaited return to the third league.

Key facts – Wolfsburg II vs Bayern II tips

♦️ Both teams could confidently secure the championship title in their respective league
♦️ Bayern has with Otschi Wriedt the highly-invested player of the duel in his ranks
♦️ Last weekend, both teams were on the deceleration and were without victory

Looking at Wolfsburg II and Bayern II betting odds for the first leg, a prediction is initially difficult; The bookmakers offer at the encounter Wolfsburg II vs.. Bayern II balanced odds. For a home victory of the wolves (which they urgently need as a good and promising basis for the second leg in a few days) betting odds up to 2.40 are available. For an away win of little Bavarians offer the bookies with up to 2.65 only slightly better and basically almost identical rates. A draw will reward bookmakers with odds up to 3.60. Since we see the Munich favored, but the outcome of the first leg is relatively open, we would like to recommend the game VfL Wolfsburg II against Bayern Munich II (which has much less risk) that Bayern will not lose their away game at least.

Bet Tips: Double Chance X2
Odds: 1.53