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AC Fiorentina – AS Roma – At another very interesting Sunday match of the 12th round of Italian Serie A, the strength will be the seventh Fiorentina and the fifth Roma, which with one game have less than eight points of advantage. In addition, the Romans in Florence come to their wings with four tied victories, while the “violas” in the last lap with the defeat of Crotone cut off their series of three consecutive triumphs. Let us add that last year both of their finals were completed by winning the host.

AC Fiorentina
All this tells us that Fiorentina is now right to optimism, especially since they have tied three wins and one rhom in their field, but on the other hand, this past visiting defeat of Crotone has certainly undermined the atmosphere of the team. However, they remained at the top of the seventh place on the table, and for which their recent series of three consecutive victories was again bestowed, two of which were recorded at Udinese and Torinas and one at Benevento.
In this way, the “violets” have in fact proved that this somewhat worse start season was just a jumble of some unfortunate circumstances and experienced Pioli coach in the meantime managed to consolidate their ranks. However, the Roma are now coming to their guests, which is really great in recent times so that Piola will probably set a more defensive tactic than in previous matches. Otherwise, Laurina and Saponara are still in the process of injury, while Sunday’s incursion and the rampant attacker Thereaua.

AS Roma
The popular “vucica” from Roma this difficult visit to Florence is likely to be in the best form since the start of the season, as they are in a great series of four consecutive victories. And while in the championship they had been quite tormented by Torinos at home and against Crotone and Bologna at home, because in all of these matches they celebrated with 1: 0, last season Spaletti coaches have played one of the top matches in the Champions League field with even 3: 0 declaring English Chelsea Champion.
In this way, the Romans came only from the placement in the knockout stage of this elite competition so that nowadays a lot more can be dedicated to Series A, where they currently hold the fifth place on the table. However, they have the match less than the four first-placed teams, so that in the down-season and those bearish slots could be considerably reduced. Let’s say there will be a defeat for Peres, Karsdorp and Emerson because of the injuries and this match with Fiorentina, while questioning is to dump the diver Manolas and the attackers Defrel and Schick.

AC Fiorentina – AS Roma TIP
Even though they go to one of the most difficult matches in the league, we still feel that the Romans on the wings of the big win over Chelsea and Florence play the most aggressive of the first minute, especially since the “violas” this season are not nearly as strong as last year.