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Inter Milan – FC Torino – The first Sunday of the 12th round of the Italian Serie A brings us the second leg of Inter and Ninth Torino, which at the moment has a great 13 points behind. In addition, the Turin have only managed to break the line of three defeats and two draws, while Inter and Napoli are still the only unbeaten team in the league. Let us add that last year’s duel of these teams in Milan ended with Inter being 2: 1, while in Turin there were 2: 2.

Inter Milan
Of course, in the camp “nerazzurra” and now expect all three points against the visitors from Turin, especially since this season on the domestic field have not lost a single point. However, in the last two appearances Giuseppe Meazzi celebrated a close victory of 3: 2 over the Milan rivals Milan and Sampdoria, while the last two victorious victories over Benevento and Veron also achieved with only one goal difference, celebrating with 2: 1 .
In that period, they were still in the lead at the leading Napoli, with a 0: 0 victory, so these two teams remained the only undefeated in this season of Serie A, with the Napolitans having a two-point win at Inter. On the other hand, the “nerazzurras” are thrown in the throat of third Juventus and Lazio, who have only a point behind, so Spaletti coach announced that he is only interested in Turin against Turin, especially since there are no problems with absenteeism.

FC Torino
For the guests from Turin we have already said that they were on the eve of the last round in one troubled series of three defeats and two rows, but then they were able to celebrate 2: 1 on Cagliari in their field, so they are now in a much better mood to travel to the Megdan season great Interu. Otherwise, in that match they finally got back and recovered Belotti, who did not even enter the shooter, but for Mihajovic coach it is most important that he can again count on one of the best young striker in Serie A.
However, what has to worry about Mihajlovic in front of this duel at Giuseppe Meazzi is the fact that they have managed to win only the score for the last three matches, which is why his formation in fact has in the meantime been changed from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 . But that does not mean that the Torinians will play something more defensive than they are now, given that their main strength lies in the attacking part of the team. As for the problem with absenteeism, there are currently only Lyanco and Bonifacio stalls on that list of injured players

Inter Milan – FC Torino TIP
Regardless of the fact that Inter is in a much better form, we all know that the Torino team is already traditionally playing against all rivals in Serie A, and that is why we are expecting hits on both sides on Sunday at Giuseppe Meazzi.