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Borussia M’gladbach – Bayer Leverkusen – We will announce this duel derbijamo wagon, but only because of these rivals in the near past realized some good placements, which led them to the Champions League. Last season, both teams defeated and now they do not have European obligations, but they are not exactly used in the championship. Borussia is somewhat better and is in fifth place, while Bayer in the lower part of the table with five points is less. Accordingly, Borussia celebrated in the previous two games, and Bayer has just remarried. Last season Borussia celebrated in both mutual appearances.

Borussia M’gladbach
Maybe in the ranks of the Borussie they expected more, but objectively it was not so bad after eight wagers, because in the fifth place they lost only two goals. One of the names in Dortmund was a heavy defeat, which was not unexpected. Therefore, as the only real wrestler, the domestic defeat of Eintracht remains, while all else can get a passive score. In the previous two wins they entered two wins and can be said that their form is on the rise.
They were overwhelmed by Hannover in the field and a 2: 1 win in the fourth minute of the referee’s replacement, but they really dominated. In the last round an even better game in Bremen and a sure win over Werder with 2: 0 and again scored one defender, this time Vestergaard. Zakaria has replaced Cuisance in the interchange, and that is the only change, and now there will be none.
Borussie M’gladbach: Sommer – Elvedi, Ginter, Vestergaard, Wendt – Zakaria, Kramer – F.Johnson, Hazard – Stindl, Raffael

Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer is unbeaten in the previous three rounds, but it can not be said that this team finally played in line with the individual quality they own. The effect is one win and two rhymes, and that is why the statement is that they are still only average. They defeated the winning HSV with 3: 0, after which they played a good turn in Gelsenkirchen, but they did not overcome the domestic victory over Wolfsburg in the last round. They had two missions that did not save them, and did not help them to have much more of the game.
Coach Herrlich obviously liked playing Retsos on the right side and is now flat, while Henrichs on the bench. In the same composition, the last line is played recently, and the changes are made in the binding order. There was definitely a shuffle between young Bailey and again the best in the last round, so he is now indefensible. Kohr slammed for Aranguiza and the two would now be able to replace seats again, and that would be the only change, and on the list of injured only Jedua.

Borussia M’gladbach – Bayer Leverkusen Tip
It could be a balanced match because Borussia raises its form, and Bayer does not lose much lately and may be an uncomfortable rival and this difficult guest. Borussiji give a slight advantage over the domestic terrain.