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Eintracht Frankfurt – Borussia Dortmund – This is the most exciting match on the table, because Eintracht is in seventh place, while Borussia leader, but the team from Dortmund was without a win in the previous two matches and thus spoiled a little overall picture and the team Eintrachta has brought two priority triumphs, while European obligations do not. Borussia have only had two points of advantage at the top of the table. Eintracht has six more, and the last mutual duel of these teams took place in the Cup final last season and celebrated Borussia with 2: 1. In the championship, both teams celebrated domestic victories.

Eintracht Frankfurt
Only in the first round Eintracht played unresolved, and after that they either win or lose and it is interesting to win mostly at guest appearances, where they have been celebrated three times. Only Borussia can boast the same effect outside of their stadium, but the problem with Eintrach is home matches and only in the pre-season was Stuttgart. However, they also added a winning win at Hannover, so one can say that they are now in a bust and a great mood.
There are still some interesting things to say about Eintrachta team and all four wins this team has scored with one goal difference, but it is the same with defeats. The defeat of Leipzig before the three laps was 2: 1, then with a 2: 1 win over Stuttgart and Hannover. Coach Kovac constantly mixes the charts with the band, and now the refreshments could be Willems and de Guzman.
Believing initial composition of Eintracht Frankfurta: Hradecky – Russ, Hasebe, Abraham – Chandler, K.P Boateng, Willems – de Guzman, Gacinovic – Haller, Rebić

Borussia Dortmund
Borussia is an example of how everything seems to be very good and then after just two games that rating changes significantly. In the Champions League the truth did not even begin well, but defeats Tottenham on the home side and Real on home field and they are not a shame and Borussia needed two wins over Apoel to stay in the game. However, on Tuesday in Nicosia, Borussia failed to win despite a number of missed opportunities. Goalkeeper Burki made a mistake with the naked throat, quickly equalized, and then full domination without effect.
The eighth finals were far away, and last weekend they had a nice advantage over the Bundesliga squad. They relied on Leipzig in their field and then stopped and received three goals, and yet Sokratis got a red card. They weaken the defeat with the player less on the field, but defeat is not avoided and now Bayern is just two points behind. There will be no Socrates in this spectacle, and Toprak is questionable and the stop position is a problem. Schmelzer came back to the left side, being refreshed and in the tie.

Eintracht Frankfurt – Borussia Dortmund Tip
Eintracht are in good shape and they want to play a good match on their pitch, and come to the Borussia hosts, which they traditionally play well. Guests should not make new kits and this could be a great match in which both networks will shake.