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A new round of League 1 start begins on this Friday day with a game that will surely create great interest among supporters. It is the match between CSU Craiova, the great hope of the Oltenians, and FC Botosani, the bet of Moldovans in the fight with the grandees. Although it seems at first sight a game in which the Craioveans can not help imposing that they will play Ion Oblemenco, things are not at all like this, and the boys of Costel Enache want to come to Măniei to mark a victim among the the top teams in Romanian football in this start of the championship.

CSU Craiova, the host of this game, is listed by betting houses with the first chance to win. The Craiens have gone through many this summer, the transfer period putting their notorious footprint on the club, and they have to get out of the star where they entered. CSU drew on the field in the first round with Poli Iasi, score 0-0, in a game in which they have had many opportunities to score, but the lack of concentration in front of the goal was totally lacking, especially for Mitriţa. The departure of the two extremes, Băluţă and Gustavo, is noticed, but Mangia trusts the front players to replace them. The match at Sfântu Gheorghe was supposed to be the game of relaunch of the Olten in the new season, but it turned into a nightmare, they lost on the field of Sepsi with 1-0. This time, they have to offer the best football to accumulate for the first time all three points this season, but it remains to be seen if the Oltenians will make the most of every opportunity they will have.

FC Botosani, the guest of this game, moves to Oltenia to try to continue the good series of results from this start of the championship. Costel Enache’s ready-to-play formation wishes not to make the same mistakes in the past championship when he started as a junior in this play-off race, and then disappeared from all points of view. Basically with a new lot, Botosani want continuity, being the main law within the Moldovan club, claiming this even their owner, Vasile Iftimie. So far, Botoşani has managed a draw on the championship ground, score 1-1, and last round defeated the newly promoted to the Siberian region, FC Hermannstadt, in front of his supporters at the Municipal Stadium, score 2-0, and the future looks nice for the Moldavian camp.
The odds for this game are not so different from one prediction to the other, with Craiens receiving a relatively large share, rightly considering their play. I believe, however, that the audience from Ion Oblemenco will play an important role in this game, especially since the pride of the Oltenians has to be seen from the first minute, and I think they will manage to make it right.

Prediction of the day:CSU Craiova to win