Added on August 2, 2018 Category Europa League

Ujpest is ranked second in this game, despite the fact that it is the host team and has the advantage of its own field, yet to face a higher net opponent. “Violets” have played many times in the European competitions, but they have never managed to make it to the group stage, as it will happen this year, given that they have lost 4-0 in Spain, on the land of Seville. Nebojša Vignjević’s band does not impress this season, in the five official games so far, winning one victory, drawing once, suffering three defeats.

Sevilla on the other side, is a very strong but very experienced team that has countless participations in European competitions, also holding five European trophies, all won in the UEFA Cup. In the previous season, the Andalusians finished seventh in the Spanish championship, so they are forced to start their adventure in the European League since the second preliminary round. In the first hand of the double with Ujpest, Pablo Machín’s band was forced 4-0, making it largely qualified in the third round, where he would cheer either Zalgiris or Vaduz.

The difference in value between the two bands is obvious, with Sevilla having a superior net, and most likely it will be necessary, but I’m counting on the fact that we will have the show, so I recommend betting on the fact that they will mark the minimum three goals.

Bet of the day :over 2,5 goals