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Genoa 1893 – FC Crotone – Due to a somewhat modest football offer for Thursday, this time we decided to analyze a match of the sixteenth round of the Italian Cup, the one that meets the first league of Genoa and Crotone. Otherwise, these two teams scored strength in Serie A for only 11 days, and then Genoa as a guest celebrates with 1: 0, but the Crotone is ranked better on the 15th place and has two more points than 17 Đenovljana.

Genoa 1893
However, Genoa is in a much better mood than the Italian Cup, because after this triumph in Crotone last weekend in the championship, he even entered the domestic ranks against favored Rome. However, in that match they were completely inferior to 70 minutes, when the captain de Rossi was excluded for the penalty of Lapadule in the penalty area, and then the player with whom the offense was committed and penalized and set the finals 1: 1.
Of course, this result should now only be a bigger incentive for Ballardini’s coaches, whose arrival on the bench was in fact revitalized by the Genoa team, so those with these four winning points finally escaped from the exit zone. However, we now expect Ballardini to leave the field in a completely different way than the one in front of the Roma in the championship, while still needing to add that out of competition is only injured by the defender Migliore and Galigo’s striker.

FC Crotone
Unlike the Denonians, the Crotone team this meeting of the sixteenth round of the Italian Cup is expected after two linked defeats in Serie A, so now they have only two points over the 18th SPAL. However, before the aforementioned domestic defeat by Genoa, Nicole coaches had two consecutive victories, while last weekend they had no chance of visiting the current Juventus champions, who eventually beat them with convincing 3: 0.
Here it should be noted that Crotone players on Thursday evening will surely try to get revenge on the Genoese for this recent defeat in the championship so that they should still experience a little bit of change in the starting lineup of their rivals. As for the problem with absentees, on that list of injured players are only the Kragl midfielder and the young Tumminello striker.

Genoa 1893 – FC Crotone TIP
Although Italian guests expect to at least try to retreat to the Genoa for a recent home defeat in their first round, we still think that the Genoa squad on the wings will have to celebrate the last two great appearances in Serie A in this match, pass in the eighth cup final of the Coppa Italia.