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Form Goiás sub20
The Goiás may not have been brilliant, but it showed strength when needed, deserving the classification. The team finished the first phase winning two of their three games played. This afternoon, against a state rival, will try to overcome the campaign of last season, when it stopped in the second phase.
The Goiás, sometimes, delay to fit his offensive game. However, when you can be accurate, you usually get good results. The defensive side of the team is commendable. The Goiás did not concede goals in two of the three games played. Faced with a rival who is accustomed to supremacy, the Goiás hopes to impose his greater strength of shirt and experience in the competition to obtain the classification.
Author of three goals in the Copinha, Thalles is one of the great bets of Goiás to achieve the classification.

Shape Trinity sub20
of so many opponents to face, soon the main team of your state will be in front of you. However, with a good campaign in this Cup and playing in neutral, Trindade believes that the common history between the two may be different. As much as it has won only once in the competition, the Trinity has proved quite competitive.
The main performance of the Trinity was in the tie that had with the Grêmio by 1 × 1. Since then, it seems that confidence has multiplied in the team. The Trindade confirmed the qualification with a 4 × 0 win over Bragantino. Having managed to reduce the Guild does not work offensively, leaving the field in the final round of the group being strong at both ends, allows the Trinity to believe in having the resources to surprise the giant of his state.
The trust and offensive presence of Gustavo and Wallysson, can propel the Trinity to make history.

Our Tip
Ah, with high confidence, believing that it is possible to make history, the Trinity may surprise, without doubt. However, Goiás is more accustomed to this type of game and has confidence for the victorious record against the state rival to face. It can be a tough game, it’s true, but with more shirt strength, more technical resources, even without being brilliant, Goiás has a little more to offer to at least avoid defeat.