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Shape palmeiras sub20
While playing with his dedication to the field to achieve the classification ahead, Palmeiras was left. In the last round, already being classified after winning two victories, Palmeiras drew with Taubaté by 1 × 1. Again, Palmeiras comes strong to try to break the fast of being the only one of Sao Paulo not to have won the Cup.
When left, Palmeiras showed the best possible at both ends. Regardless of the strength of the opponents faced, scoring eight goals and not suffering any, is to be praised. Palmeiras knows the rival’s competitiveness, but believes in what it can produce. With the crowd playing with him, if he keeps his head in place, raising his pace, Palmeiras can search for the classification.
The striker Fernando, with passes in the professionals, has been the main star of Palmeiras in this competition.

Botafogo form of Paraíba sub20
Oh, honestly, the Botafogo campaign did not excite anyone. However, the team proved to be competitive at all times, to their moo, and managed to qualify in second place in their group. Botafogo have won only one of three games but are unbeaten in the competition.
In the game against the only team of shirt that realized, the Bahia, the Botafogo behaved well, playing of equal to equal. His great strength lies in the tactical concentration and defensive resistance displayed on the field. Botafogo did not score in two of their three matches. Knowing the pressures on the rival, trusting in his posture in the field, Botafogo dreams of surprising.
The defensive block is still the flagship for Botafogo seeking to surprise one of the giants.

Our Tip
Look, the pressure on the young people of Palmeirense usually increases in the final stretch of the Cup. When he manages to make a good head, keeping his pace, Palmeiras can think big. Botafogo is a nauseating team and will work to impose the best of his game. But keeping a strong pace here, playing with the fans in your favor, I still see a slight favoritism for Palmeiras here.