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Vasco da Gama sub20 form
Far from being brilliant, in fact. But very competitive. In only one of the three matches played in the first round Vasco failed to be efficient with the opportunities created. However, he remained undefeated, winning two of three matches. It’s competitive, but you’ll need more.
There are points to be praised in your game. Vasco is consistently tactical and does not take so many risks in his rear. The team has technical talent at their disposal, but the field organization speaks louder, being its greatest asset. The Basque campaigns have not been so far apart in the Cups. There are opportunities this time, based on tactical consistency in the field. With shirt strength and organization, Vasco hopes to go further.
The talent of Robinho, combined with the efficiency of the striker Hugo Borges, will lead the Vasco in search of the classification.

Shape St. Bernard sub20
Despite the very consistent campaign, the Sao Bernardo regrets not having managed to finish his group in the lead. In this way, the team loses one of its great differentials in its campaign, the field command. The São Bernardo won of the three games played, ending the group with invincibility.
In technical terms, it can be said that the São Bernardo produced even more than the rival. The team had an average of two goals scored by clash. It is worth noting that defensively, the St. Bernard also shone. The team did not concede goals in the last two games, for example. With confidence in what he can produce, without fearing what he will face, Sao Bernardo hopes to fight for the classification.
Author of three goals in the Cup, Willian is the biggest offensive hope of the Saint Bernard to go forward.

Our Tip
Hard play for both sides. The São Bernardo team proved capable of dueling even against the giant to face. Vasco is not brilliant, but he is quite organized. The two teams have some defensive security in their actions. However, for having a little more running, with potential to present a little more, I see chances of Vasco, at least, get the tie. But the bet is pretty risky.