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The International opens on Monday, November 6, the thirty-fourth round of the Brazilian Championship Series B in its 2017 edition. Scheduled to start at 20h (Brasilia time) ), faces the Luverdense in the Passo das Emas, in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso.

Luverdense’s recent performance

For the greenman the importance of the match is on another front. The team from Mato Grosso tries to avoid relegation to Serie C of Brasileirão. With 29 points (nine wins, 12 draws and 12 losses) he ranks 17th in the standings, the first in the sticking region.
However, his score is the same as CRB (sixteenth), Guarani (fifteenth) and Brazil of Pelotas (fourteenth), which only appear in a better position due to the tiebreaker criteria. The Luverdense loses in the number of wins.
Adding the three points in a match has been a rare fact for the green. In the last five clashes, he only managed it once, just in the previous round. It defeated the ABC, lantern of the Segundona, in Natal, by 1 to 0.
Even the field factor has not been enough to give your fans greater hopes. With 25 points (six wins, seven draws and three losses) added in this situation, the team of Mato Grosso is only the fifteenth best in this area.

The current form of the International

Although he has failed to score even in the last two rounds and added just one point out of six, the situation at Internacional is much more comfortable. The Gaucho team is the leader of Serie B with 62 points (18 wins, eight draws and seven losses). They are two more than America-MG, second place.
However, to ensure your return to Serie A, this is not the comparison that matters. The difference between Colorado and West, fifth placed, is seven points. As the top four places ensure the right to compete in the main division of Brazilian football in 2018, Internacional need only manage that good advantage in the four remaining games.
This means that, regardless of the pursuit of their pursuers, the International must accumulate six points out of the 12 that are in contention to stamp their place in the Series A. 50% use is not a big challenge for a team that has so far won 62 , 6% of the points he contested.
Recent results, however, indicate some nervousness on the eve of confirmation of classification. Colorado made two straight home games and could not break through their opponents. It took 1 to 0 of Ceará, who are also in contention for the vacant in the First Division, and remained in the scoreless draw with CRB, one of Luverdense’s main rivals in an attempt to avoid relegation to the C Series.
After the match against Alagoas, Internacional players left the field booed. It was not a novelty in the season, which had a very irregular start causing the downfall of coach Antonio Carlos Zago. A specialist in a mission like that, Guto Ferreira took the post but also had many problems until he was able to set a good sequence of results and had to cope with protests from the fans.
For this, however, the coach will have to manage some casualties. With discomfort in the left thigh, defender Danilo Silva is off the team. His place must be occupied by Léo Ortiz, forming a pair with Victor Cuesta. The right-back Junio, still not fully recovered from stomach upset, was not related to the trip. The post will probably be occupied by Claudio Winck.
Another sure absence will be for striker Carlos. It is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards. He is not, however, the holder, but an option for the vacancy of Leandro Damião, absolute holder. Damian’s partner in charge of the attack, however, is still doubtful. Eduardo Sasha suffered an ankle injury in the game against the CRB and left the field early. It was related to the trip to Mato Grosso, but it depends on a new medical evaluation to know if it will be able to act. If it is vetoed, Nico Lopez will occupy the post.

History of the matches Luverdense vs Internacional
A controversial move defined the team’s first-team encounter in the first round of Serie B. On July 18, Colorado won 1-0 with a 48-minute second-half goal by William Pottker. The move was confusing, with the assistant marking offside. This made the defense of the alviverde hesitate. The referee, however, sent the pitch following the attacker took advantage of the lack of definition of the defenders sending the ball into the net.

When a team such as the history and financial strength of the International is relegated to the Second Division, opponents know that in practice a vacancy is less in contention and that any point won against the rival is a profit. This scenario should make even Luverdense at home have a conservative stance.
For the International, installed at the top of the table, this is not a problem. It only remains to control the anxiety of the players to manage the situation. This makes the equality guess the most appropriate for grief. Has a price of 3.40 in Bet365. Successful homeowners pay 4.00 per real invested and the return to success of Colorado is 1.90.