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Faced with the virtually downgraded ABC, América-MG has on Tuesday, November 7, the opportunity to consolidate in the block of teams that will have a guaranteed place in Serie A of the Brazilian Serie A Championship in 2018. The match between Minas Gerais and Potiguares will take place at the Independência stadium in Belo Horizonte, as part of the schedule for the thirty-fourth round of the Brasileirão of the Second Division. The beginning is scheduled for 19:15 (Brasília time).

The recent performance of América-MG

Although it had a few swings, América-MG showed great solidity throughout the year and remained in the top of the classification for almost the entire tournament. But securing one of the top four and securing the return to the elite division of national football does not seem to be enough for coaches and players.
Coach Enderson Moreira, who was harassed throughout the year by Serie A teams and remained steadfast in his intention to return the Rabbit to the Primera División, set a goal in the final stretch to win the title of Segundona.
The statement was packed by an unbeaten sequence of six games. With three wins and three draws the miners took the tournament’s top spot with 60 points (16 wins, 12 draws and five losses). Time that lost least in the competition, closed the thirty-third round, when they beat Guarani in Campinas, just two points behind Internacional, leader.
Although this may be the goal, in practice, the trophy is the least important. In an access division, securing the classification for the upper division is really the most important goal. In this dispute, América-MG is doing very well. Remaining 15 points to play, it has five in front compared to the West, first out of G4.
Much of this performance can be placed in the account of the good Minas Gerais defensive system. With 24 attempts, it is the second less-leaked Series B after 33 games booked.

The current ABC form

Optimism is something missing on ABC. With 28 points (seven wins, seven draws and 19 losses), the team is the 20th (final) placed in the B Series and is virtually downgraded to the Third Division.
After a poor campaign throughout the season, the team from Rio Grande do Norte gave some hope to their fans by getting a sequence of four unbeaten matches. It was three wins and a draw. However, the joy lasted little. In the thirty-third round, at home, lost 1-0 to Luverdense, direct rival in the fight against the fall to the C Series and no longer depends solely on their results to avoid disaster.
Mathematics indicates the number of 45 points needed to ensure that they remain in Serie B. Thus, even if they add up all 15 points they have to play, the ABC would only reach 43.
However, even in this case, which requires stumbling blocks from other teams to avoid sticking, the almost impossible task seems to be ABC winning five straight games, something that has not happened throughout the season.
The CRB, first team outside the relegation zone, has 11 points more than the ABC. In addition, Luverdense, Santa Cruz and Nautico are among them.

History of the bouts between América-MG and ABC
A goal on the hour defined the duel between miners and Potiguares in the first round. In Frasqueirão, in Natal, the hosts lost 1-0. The goal was scored by Ruy in the 45th minute of the final stage.

The dismay over a home defeat and a direct rival should make life easier for America-MG in this Tuesday’s match against ABC. With a solid tactical system and the right to play in their domains, the Rabbit is the best guessing option for the 1.17 showdown at Rivalo. Draw shows return of 6.00. The Santa Claus is the biggest underdog of the round with a prize of 23.00 per 1 in case of victory.