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Oeste receives Figueirense during Tuesday evening – the test is tested at 1.62 times the money.
Tuesday’s offer leaves a lot to be desired, then we simply get the spade and dig the gold in the lower divisions. In the Brazilian second division we are invited to an interesting meeting between Oeste and Figueirense, and here I find the subtle enticing.
Oeste park in a fifth place in the table and the form is good with only a loss on the last six games. Two straight wins in the luggage. The team’s biggest strength is undoubtedly in the home game, the result line 10-4-2 testifies to it. Only two losses of 16 played home matches convince, even more convincing is the goal difference that is 27-9. You will then release 0.56 goals / matches at Itápolis – a roughly impressive number I have to say. From a target perspective, Oeste has gone below the 2.5 line in 22 out of 37 games played this season, which corresponds to 66.6% of all matches. At home you have been under the same line in 10 of 16 games played. Three of the team’s five most recent matches have gone under the 2.5-line.

Figueirense is in 17th place in the 42-point table – most of the points have been collected at Estádio Orlando Scarpelli. On the move, one has not convinced, only three wins have been picked up in 18 played away matches. The result line is 3-5-8 and it is obviously under all criticism. Seamless in the last seven away matches and I do not see that suite broken against a home-made Oeste, which proved a rugged stable defensive during the season. Figueirense has gone under the 2.5-line in 17 of 33 games played this season, on the move, one has gone under the same line in nine of 16 played matches.
Open, swinging and targeting? Hardly. Oeste has one point up to the last straight spot and the motivation is on top. At the same time, the guests have three points down to the last relegation place, there is definitely no room for scoring here. Life-critical points are at stake and I can not really see any of the law take too much risk here. The season’s first meeting of the team between them stopped speechlessly – even this time the subject is in focus.
0.5 units invested in the underplay – should we say 1-0?