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Form Mainz
It will not ease the season, right? But it will help make those involved believe that the worst will not happen. Mainz is only one position ahead of the relegation zone in the Bundesliga. The phase advance here would give confidence to the squad. The moment is hazy. Mainz failed to win in the last five games, losing three of those games.
His biggest problems lie in the lack of defensive resistance in his game. For the last five games, in all of them the team suffered at least two goals per game. Playing as principal, which could be a differential for you, has not advanced. The team has lost three of the last four games in their home. The fact that the rival is in a situation at such a difficult time as yours, gives some hope of advancement here.
The coach Sandro Schwarz has the same basis as the last games available.

Form Stuttgart
The situation of Stuttgart is the same as the rival. His moment seems to be more complicated by the fact that there have been four consecutive defeats in his last appearances. Moreover, the team is ahead of the rival to face in the Bundesliga on account of the tiebreaker criteria, only. As its decline in income has been more pronounced, the crisis may come even stronger.
Stuttgart have even fought on the pitch. However, the team ends up being limited only to defend itself, because it can not offer danger to the opponents with its front line. Stuttgart have not scored in the last four games. As a visitor, their numbers have been consistent with the overall campaign undertaken. It will be necessary to present very clear improvements not to stay in the way and to see the crisis to accentuate.
Coach Hannes Wolf has not revealed the squad, but the basis of the recent games is at hand.

Our Tip
Maiz has been suffering for some time. It does not seem like much, but it can be a factor of imbalance between teams that go in a bad way. The home team sins in defensive endurance, Stuttgart in production in their attack. I think Mainz deserve a slight favoritism here, but I see chances of Stuttgart avoiding the wide defeat in this balanced match.