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Schalke 04 – Köln

It took 17 series matches before Cologne could win this year’s first match – 1-0 home against Wolfsburg. The total score is thus on six stakes and with the nine to the nearest competitor as well as the qualifying place and 11 to the safe field.
Of course, that is not the case, but much will be done for Cologne to solve this tricky situation. The game has seen something better lately, since Stefan Ruthenbeck was given the main responsibility as a coach. The hope is to continue on the vitamin injection they won by the victory at the latest, this year’s final Bundesligamatch.
One of the biggest exclamations of the year, from a positive point of view, Schalke 04 has been. It’s even so that they took position as a tabloid, behind a dominant Bayern Munich at the top of the hill. However, the layer behind it is extremely tight, where the difference between Schalke and six Borussia M’gladbach is on two scarce studs. Even several other competitors chase hack in heel …
But now it’s a cup of football waiting. One of these clubs will be among the remaining eight in DFB Cup – what will it be?

Win with at least two bales
Motivation and class is a combination that rarely fails. Even though the odds on Schalke 04 were pushed down, it might be worthwhile to bet the tokens on them this evening.
It is worth mentioning that the series game overrides the cup for Schalke, but since the first place in the former is as out of reach, one wants the chance of a title during the year – and it fits the opponents perfectly, including the Die Knappen, as they are called.
The home team have also not lost 12 straight matches, and although it has become a bit untrue with a cross lately, it is clear that they are strengthened by this.
Cologne actually won their cup match against Hertha Berlin, but how much power can they afford to invest in the cup? Not particularly. All focus will be on survival during the second half of the year and DFB Cup can almost be seen as undesirable when the situation is so busy.
Rotation is to count on both sides – maybe more from Cologne? – but the big difference is what mentality they come to the match with …