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The classic meeting between New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens ends the NHL week. Here’s how to bounce back after a fairly bad start of the season.

New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens make up for what is the only NHL meeting to be played night to Monday, Swedish time. Traditionally, these games tend to be very frequent, at least in recent seasons. This spring, the team met for example in the final game, where New York Rangers won a total of 4-2.
Previously, the matches have been characterized by high intensity and a hard game out on the ice, while Rangers and Canadiens are also in possession of a fantastic goalkeeper. However, at the beginning of the season, goalkeepers have not impressed much in any of the teams, partly due to the fact that the defensive organization is not really in place.
In addition, both – not least Henrik Lundqvist – are those who rise when it really matters. So in the beginning of the basic series there is not the same nerve, of course.
After two matches, New York Rangers has two pretty big losses, 2-4 at home against Colorado Avalanche and 5-8 away against Toronto Maple Leafs. With twelve goals entered, there is every reason to question the start. On the other hand, it looks okay and the question is that it can not be released now? It is important to get into the winning track here.

Now the trend finally turns
Montreal Canadiens launches the NHL season with a road trip. After two away matches have made a win and a loss, all 6-1 against Washington Capitals. Now it would be nice to return home again, but first a trip to New York is waiting for you.
The guests will be able to manage without the back David Schlemko. By the way, the troupe is intact. Jesper Fast is the only one missing the match for Rangers. It is obviously a break in view of how well he was during last season’s part, but that’s not the offensive that’s been cramped so far.
Our feeling is that it’s time to turn a trend now. At Madison Square Garden, Rangers is recognized strong. Now, we think they go back to the basics and keep the numbers down. That can be a long way.