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The only South American team to enter the field in the eighteenth and final round of the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the guaranteed spot, the Brazilian team is scheduled on Tuesday, October 10, against the selection of the Chile. The games will be played at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo, scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. (Brasília time). On the final day, all matches were scheduled for the same time.

Brazil’s recent performance

On Thursday, October 5, with the best team available, Brazil stopped in the great action of the opponent goalkeeper and remained in the goalless draw in La Paz against Bolivia. After a sequence of eight wins, it was the second consecutive equality of the team commanded by Tite. In the sixteenth round of the South American qualifiers, the Canarian team were 1 to 1 against Colombia, in the stadium of the rival.
This in no way changed the situation of the team. With 38 points (11 wins, five draws and one defeat), the Brazilian team had already assured before the draws the group’s first place finish. Thus, the games are being treated by Tite as a way to anticipate the preparation for the Russian World Cup.
Therefore, the coach put the best team that had at hand to face Bolivia. Only the left-back did not have his starter. That’s because Marcelo had to be cut by bruise. Felipe Luis, the first in line for the position, was also left out by getting hurt. So, Juventus’s Alex Sandro won an opportunity.
Against the Chileans, the expectation is that other modifications are made. One of them must happen in the goal. Manchester City’s Ederson is likely to be given the chance to start replacing Alisson from Roma.
Compulsory change will happen in the double behind. Thiago Silva left the game in La Paz earlier with a concussion. It was cut. Rodrigo Caio has just been called for his place, but he should stay on the bench. The holders of the behind should be Marquinhos and Miranda.
Other changes can happen. But they should not be in large numbers. After all, if the game is not worth anything for Brazil, it can influence in the dispute of the three direct vacancies for the World-wide rest and also in the fight by the place that allows the survival in this fight, but it compels the recpeiration dispute.

The current form of Chile

The Chileans were able to fulfill their obligation and defeated Ecuador 2-1 on Thursday at home. However, it was not easy. The tie-breaker was only scored at the end of the second half. However, it was enough to lead Chile to 26 points (eight wins, two draws and seven losses).
In third place, the team needs to win on Tuesday in São Paulo to secure the standings without having to rely on other results. However, even if a draw or loss still has chances to advance. In this case, you would need a combination of results.
If you tie and reach the 27 points, you could lose only one position to secure the direct spot. In this case, it would need to have two favorable results in three games: Peru x Colombia, Ecuador x Argentina and Paraguay x Venezuela. He would have to hope that there would be no winner in the first duel and that the Paraguayan and Argentine teams would not win. If only one of these three possibilities is achieved, the Chileans would have the right to play the recapture in November with New Zealand.
The only Chilean possibility of not qualifying with the draw would be wins in Colombia, Argentina and Paraguay. Still, the selection of Chile would tie with the Paraguayans. The setting would go to the goal balance. Before the ball rolls on the final day, the Chileans have a positive balance of two and the Paraguayans have a deficit of five. They would have to apply a scoring of at least seven goals difference, to equal this dispute and take the definition to the highest number of goals scored. Something highly unlikely.
In case of defeat, the Chileans will necessarily lose a position either for Colombia or even for the Peruvians. However, it would depend on the two other games to get the spot or a place in the recap. For direct classification, they would have to hope that neither Paraguayans nor Argentines will win their matches. For recap, one of these results should happen.

History of the matches Brazil vs Chile
The Brazilian team has a wide advantage in the confrontations with Chile. There were 50 successes in 71 meetings. The Chileans have only won eight times, including a 2-0 draw in the first round of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Ties were held 13 times.