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Only a catastrophe will be able to leave Uruguay out of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. A victory, draw or even defeat, if not a thrashing, serve for Uruguayans to stamp their passport on Tuesday, October 10, in the match against eliminated Bolivia. The game, which is part of the eighteenth and final round of the South American qualifiers, takes place at 8:30 p.m. (GMT) at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

Uruguay’s recent performance

On Thursday, October 5, the Uruguayans were in the goalless draw with Venezuela at the home of the opponent. With that, they climbed to 28 points (eight wins, four draws and five losses) occupying the vice-leadership of the South American qualifiers.
Only a combination of results almost impossible would take Uruguay out of the 2018 World Cup. For that to happen, the Uruguayans would have to be defeated by Bolivia. But that alone is not enough. It would also be necessary for Chile to defeat the Brazilian team, in Sao Paulo, the game between Peru and Colombia has a winner and Argentina defeats Ecuador in Quito.
But even if all these results happen, the most likely thing is for Uruguayans to rate themselves. That’s because there can at most be a draw in points with Peru or Argentina. Thus, the definition would happen in the goal balance. Before the ball rolls in the final day of the South American qualifiers, Uruguay has a balance of ten against one of Peruvians and Argentines. In practice, the Uruguayans are classified for the 2018 World Cup, although the mathematics does not allow to make that affirmation.
It is with such tranquility that the team will enter the field and will count on the support of their fans. It was in their domains that Celeste added 19 of the points they obtained in the qualifiers.


The current form of Bolivia

The Bolivians have no hope of changing their situation in this match. On Thursday, against Brazil, there was a 0-0 draw. Thus, with 14 points (four wins, two draws and 11 losses), Bolivia remained in ninth place. You will not leave that position.
The Ecuadorians, who occupy the eighth position, have six more points. The Venezuelans, who hold the flashlight, are five points behind. Thus, the game against the Uruguayans is just another preparatory friendly so that Bolivia can set up the base of the team that will compete in the next Copa America. Hope to go to a world cup only in 2020 in Qatar.

History of the matches Bolivia vs Uruguay
Uruguay has won 28 of the 42 matches they have played against Bolivians throughout history. The other 14 were divided between Bolivia’s wins and draws. In the first round of the South American qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Uruguayans won 2-0 away from home.