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Sports betting tips today 23.03.2020 – Australia & Myanmar in action Football in Southeast! Asia doesn’t sleep

The football program is becoming rare. Exceptionally, this is not due to the current crisis, but to the upcoming international break, in which the leagues would have paused anyway. Sports betting tips are correspondingly difficult to find today, but there are some small oases in the football desert landscape.

Most of these are located in Southeast Asia and Oceania, as the Australian A-League duel the Newcastle United Jets against Melbourne City. Two games of the National League take place in Myanmar and the U21 youth are also out and about on the soccer field. Two friendlies in Europe complete the offer.

The offer in Esports is getting more and more interesting these days, because there the restrictions are much less. Today’s betting base has a pack of three on offer today. The ESL Pro League tips can be found as usual in the betting base sports betting tips sector.

Betting program overview 23.03. – Football is played in these leagues on Monday

⚽️ Australia (A-League)
⚽️ Myanmar (National League)
⚽️ Myanmar (U21 League)
⚽️ Friendlies (isolated)

Bet A-League Australia on 03/23/2020

The fans in the Australian A-League only get half a portion of football. The match Perth Glory against Western United was also scheduled the day before. The short-term cancellation shifts the interest of sports bettors to the Newcastle Jets vs. Melbourne City betting odds.

At first glance, there are clear quality differences! The Melbourne-based guest had almost twice as many points (40:21) so far, taking ten points from the past 360 minutes and taking second place in the table. Leader Sydney FC is eight points behind in two more games.

The Newcastle Jets shot a little out of the basement with a good series before the recent 0-1 defeat in Brisbane. What is striking is the mixed home record (only three wins from ten matches) and that Newcastle would be two places higher in the tableau if only the first half were settled. Trainer Carl Robinson does not see condition problems as a trigger. Newcastle plans to build on the home win over Perth at the McDonald Jones Stadium in late February.

AP League Australia betting odds today – Newcastle Jets vs. Melbourne City

🔎 Betting Tips: Newcastle Jets
📈 Odds: 3.00
🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 3.65
🔎 Betting Tips: Melbourne City
📈 Odds: 2.43

Odds probability of winning Newcastle Jets / draw / winning Melbourne City:
1: 32%
X: 27%
2: 41%

Myanmar National League betting on 03/23/2020

Myanmar holds up the flag! A full game day takes place from March 23 to 25, so that all 12 clubs in the small league are in action. On Monday, leaders Hantharwady United against Zwekapin are required. The task at home should not be really difficult, as the guest only celebrated the first three in the ninth match on the last matchday.

Sagaing is also a clear favorite against the bottom of Chin United, who are one of three teams that have just won one. The odds for both games are clearly distributed for the National League tips in Myanmar.

Betting tips and odds – Myanmar 23.03.

🔎 Betting Tips: Hantharwady
📈 Odds: 1.20

🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 6.50

🔎 Betting Tips: Zwekapin
📈 Odds: 9.00

🔎 Betting Tips: Sagaing
📈 Odds: 1.25

🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 5.25

🔎 Betting Tips: Chin
📈 Odds: 9.50

🔎 Betting Tips: Chin
📈 Odds: 11:00

🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 3:00

🔎 Betting Tips: Ayeyawady (U21)
📈 Odds: 1.03

🔎 Betting Tips: Ispe
📈 Odds: 1.36

🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 4.50

🔎 Betting Tips: Chinland (U21)
📈 Odds: 6.00

🔎 Betting Tips: Silver Stars
📈 Odds: 17.00

🔎 Betting Tips: Draw
📈 Odds: 12.00

🔎 Betting Tips: Hantharwady (U21)
📈 Odds: 1.04

Esports betting tips ESL Pro League on 03/23/2020

🕹 Betting Tips: Fnatic
👾 Odds: 1.30

🕹 Betting Tips: ForZe
👾 Odds: 3.20

🕹 Betting Tips: North
👾 Odds: 2.20

🕹 Betting Tips: BIG
👾 Odds: 1.60

🕹 Betting Tips:Natus Vincere
👾 Odds: 1.30

🕹 Betting Tips: Complexity
👾 Odds: 3.20