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Where is Erling Haaland going? Betting odds & transfer rumors

Will the star striker remain a Borussia?

In recent years, many betting opportunities have been established alongside individual games in relation to the round leather. Usually transfer bets are booming in the summer slump. With the right nose, which jersey a star will wear in the coming season, a nice win can be collected.

Due to the current situation, transfer bets to Haaland & Co. have been in the spotlight for a few months.

Although players only have the opportunity to look for a new challenge in two transfer windows, there are transfer rumors 365 days a year. Football is extremely short-lived and constant change is now mandatory. Players who fulfill their originally signed paper by the end of the contract are now a rarity.

Borussia Dortmund is obvious, after all, he only changed to the Ruhr area last January. But the wildest speculations started just a few weeks after his arrival.

Haaland’s balance sheet 2019/20 arouses desires

In the 2018/19 season, the youngster was gently introduced to men’s football. Haaland played just 149 minutes for the Austrian champions. After the departure of Munas Dabbur and a fabulous nine-pack at the U20 World Cup, Haaland really took off.

With the bulls from the city of Mozart, he was unstoppable and not only scored 16 goals in 14 Bundesliga appearances (979 minutes, an average of every 62 minutes), but was also convincing at the highest level – the UEFA Champions League. Hardly a day has passed since November on which major sports portals did not publish an article about the wonder striker and sparked rumors about his future.

Not to be stopped at BVB either

Betting on a Haaland transfer was a key issue in January, after all, there was no shortage of interested parties. He left the Red Bull group, decided against his former coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and moved to Borussia Dortmund. With the black and yellow he refutes all critics who ridiculed the values ​​in the Austrian Bundesliga. 512 Bundesliga minutes were enough to score nine goals.

Haaland amazed the whole of Germany. Despite his body size (1.94), the attacker has an enormous speed and an extreme goalie. You can see the joy of playing in every situation. Even if he takes out a free kick, he clenches his fist and pushes his teammates. Haaland quickly became an asset for BVB, but also for the entire German Bundesliga.

All in all, there have been 2,200 minutes of use in 33 competitive matches in the current season. In these Haaland scored no less than 40 goals and also delivered nine assists. Outstanding values ​​that make Haaland the number one transfer destination for many top clubs. It increased its fictitious market value from five million euros to a current 80 million euros.

Is Haaland moving to a top European club?

It was and is clear to every football fan that the 19-year-old Norwegian will not wear the black and yellow jersey until the end of his career. Shortly after his commitment, Michael Zorc confirmed that the striker had an exit clause. A fact that was not particularly surprising, because his father and manager Alf Inge Haaland (himself a former professional) does not put money first, but the development of his offspring.

When moving to Salzburg, the exit clause and the good prospects of developing and getting time were the main reasons for the move. That is why BVB was chosen because its positive manner was well received in the Ruhrpott – and the fact that there was virtually no striker competition and was another reason.

Exit clause YES – but probably only from summer 2021

Rumor has it that the exit clause should not apply until the summer of 2021 at the earliest – some of which was also read from the summer of 2022. Should Haland move on after only six months, the clubs would have to pay a substantial sum to convince BVB to go looking for the striker again. In our opinion, this fact speaks against betting on a Haaland transfer this summer.

“There won’t be three transfers in three days this year. There is a lot of uncertainty in all clubs. ” – Michael Zorc

We really like it, because Michael Zorc recently announced that all transfer activities at BVB had been put on hold. The uncertainty is too great and Dortmund will not be able to present a replacement for Haaland within a few days.

Real Madrid is stepping up efforts

According to the international rumor mill, however, the Spanish top club Real Madrid should intensify the promotion of Haaland. Haaland was probably the number one transfer destination in the summer of 2020 for the royal team. The “Marca” – a sports newspaper close to Real Madrid – recently claimed that real boss Florentino Perez no longer wanted to present Kylian Mbappe as CR7 successor, but also the young Norwegian.

“It is true that the Spanish league is a very good one for my son, there are many good teams playing there. You never know if he won’t even play in Spain. What happens happens ” – Alf Inge Haaland

There was no denial from the attacker’s management, rather Alf Inge Haaland confirmed that the Spanish LaLiga is an interesting option for his son. A statement that leaves a lot of room for speculation, but should in no way be used as an indication of a summer transfer from Haaland in 2020.

Barcelona? Neymar much more in focus

The third option is FC Barcelona. A fact that we find quite surprising. Rumors are limited and the return of Neymar is a top priority for the Blaugrana.

Haaland Transfer: betting base probabilities

Where does Erling Haaland play 2020/2021?

  • Dortmund 65 %
  • Real Madrid 24 %
  • Manchester United 5 %
  • Paris St. Germain 3 %
  • Liverpool FC 2 %
  • FC Barcelona 1 %

Haaland transfer to the Premier League?

Erling Bride Haaland is Norwegian, but the young man was born in Leeds. After all, his father was a professional footballer and worked for years in the English Premier League. Leeds United is also the teenager’s favorite club, but moving there will not be an option, although the former Champions League participant is currently fighting for promotion.

Manchester United and Liverpool fight for Haaland signing

Manchester United was already on the Norwegian in January and there were pictures on social media showing Haaland signing on a Red Devils shirt. Head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in particular was often seen as a pro-argument, after all he was already training the youngster at Molde.

However, one major contra argument must not be neglected: Father Alf Inge Haaland was under contract with Manchester City from 2000 to 2003. Although he already affirmed that he would not make the Red Devils mad for his son because of this, the second story, which reminds him of Manchester United, could well be a reason why Haaland will never play at Manchester United.

On April 21, 2001, Roy Keane caused a sensation with a wanton horror foul. Keane Alf-Inge Haaland willfully kicked the ground and made sure that he could never really play football again.

The reigning Champions League winner Liverpool wants a new striker with a built-in goal guarantee and is also looking for the German Bundesliga, but Timo Werner is the solution of choice for the Klopp-Elf.

PSG: The city of love supposedly stretches out its feelers

Finally, Betfair will bring Champions League opponents Paris Saint-Germain into the race. The French top club would definitely need a striker for the coming season. The fixed commitment on loan from Mauro Icardi is far from certain, the contract of Edinson Cavani expires and Neymar is known to go back to Barcelona. However, we do not believe that Ligue 1 is attractive enough for the ambitious Haaland. The dominance of PSG is too great to continue to develop.

Conclusion: Where will Erling Haaland play in the coming season?

Basically, only the first two options seem interesting. Dortmund or Real Madrid – another option does not seem likely on closer inspection. The betting base already requires a large portion of imagination in order to even consider the royal ones from Madrid as a realistic option.

In our opinion, the facts clearly speak for staying in the Ruhr area. Alf Inge Haaland could have accommodated his son at the big top clubs in early 2019. But the career should be progressively advanced and the prospect of playing time and development opportunities were always high on the list of priorities.

Key facts – Haaland transfer facts

💡 Staying in Dortmund is the most logical option
💡 Barcelona is more likely to fight for Neymar
💡 The exit clause will probably not apply in 2020

Real Madrid needs fresh blood, but Luka Jovic is a cautionary example of how quickly you can disappear into nowhere at this club. The Norwegian will certainly not land anywhere, but at least another year in the Ruhrpott will definitely benefit his development. At BVB he has excellent teammates, plays at the highest level and is already an absolute crowd favorite after only a few weeks.

Haaland change – best odds

💡 Betting Tips: Borussia Dortmund
📈 Odds: 1.67

💡 Betting Tips: Real Madrid
📈 Odds: 2.75

💡 Betting Tips: FC Barcelona
📈 Odds: 7.00

💡 Betting Tips: Manchester United
📈 Odds: 8.50

💡 Betting Tips: PSG
📈 Odds: 11.00

💡 Betting Tips: Liverpool
📈 Odds: 11.00