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Flash vs Action Betting Tips & Odds, SC Starleague – eSports

Is the favorite expanding its series?

The ninth season of the SC Star League has been running in Seoul, South Korea since the beginning of February. After the 24 players who had emerged from the different qualification tournaments were reduced to twelve players in the first group phase, the four semi-finalists of the eighth season joined them – including Flash and Action.

Both survived the second group phase, in which 16 players became eight eSportsmen. The prestigious StarCraft: Brood War (Remastered) tournament has arrived in the hot phase. Which bookmakers offer the best odds at Flash vs. Action at the start of the quarter-finals on Sunday, March 29, 2020 can be found in the odds comparison on a betting basis below.

There is a lot to be said for giving Flash against Action the tip on the Terran, who has already won four of the past eight seasons of the Afreeca Star League. It wasn’t until last September that he secured the title again with an outstanding 4-0 win against Snow, which he would now love to defend.

The history of the tournament so far shows that Flash is on the best way. The Terran goes unbeaten in this quarter-finals. Meanwhile, with Flash against Action, the forecast has to take into account that the semi-finalist of the pre-season, who failed because of the snow just before the final, could only buy the ticket for the knockout phase as a group second. In Group C, he was the loser in the second game against Soma.

Flash vs Action Livestream – Where?

TV / livestream: afreecaTV

All games are broadcast on the afreecaTV platform, where there is also an English-language stream. Artosis and Tasteless, who both live in South Korea for the second decade and whose names every StarCraft: Brood War or Starcraft 2 player has heard before, comment as a special treat there. Also positive: All games can be viewed free of charge as video on demand afterwards.

Flash (Terran) – Statistics & current form

27-year-old South Korean Lee Young Ho aka Flash started his programming career at the incredible age of 14, when he played his first televised matches. Like almost the entire scene, he changed the game with the release of SC2, but returned to his original game in 2016 as part of StarCraft: Brood War Remastered.

Hardly any player is more successful than the Terran. Flash has won the Afreeca SC Star League four times so far – most recently in the eighth season, when he lost neither a match in the Best of 5 in the semi-finals nor in the Best of 7 in the final.

Twelve cards won in series in the ASL

It’s no wonder that when it comes to Flash vs. Action, the odds of all bookmakers clearly swing towards the 27-year-old who won all three matches of the ninth season. So far he has only had to show his understanding of mirrors, because in Group A of the second group phase he faced three other Terrans, Light, Mong and BarackS.

In TvT, however, he did not burn anything at all, won all three games and, as group winners, confidently solved the ticket for the quarterfinals on March 15, 2020. Now it is not just the series of a whopping twelve cards in series that he no longer lost in the ASL across seasons that speaks for him. In general, the matchup Terraner vs. Zerg traditionally in the direction of the Terrans.

The matchup favors the defending champion

Although only five TvZ took place in the current ASL season, three of them went to the Terrans, which once again corresponds to a positive win rate of 60%. At the end of ASL Season 8, after 25 comparisons between these two races, it was 68% (17 Terran victories and eight Zerg games won).

Because Flash is also considered one of the best TvZ players in the scene, he has the best prerequisites for this quarter-final. Because of its incredibly high APM values, it is able to effectively defend itself against the Zerg’s usual attempts to disrupt mutalisks in early and mid-game, while still using the tech after the usual opening with Marines and Medics in the mech Create sector in a timely manner.

His vultures are particularly feared, with the spider mines he has already spectacularly won many TV shows. It is clear that action has to come up with a lot, because in an ordinary game the underdog should hardly have a chance. However, because Flash is extremely flexible and perfectly anticipates alternative tactics instead of strictly unwinding any standard builds, this ultimately speaks for the defending champion.

Republic of Action (Zerg) – Statistics & current form

27-year-old South Korean Kim Seong Dae aka Action was rare in the era before StarCraft: Brood War Remastered. At Korean Air OSL, he made his way to the quarter-finals in 2010, the second season of the year, which earned him the first prize money of his career of $ 2,415. However, he did not win a higher amount in the following nine years.

Until the Afreeca Starleague Season 8, in which he was able to advance to the semifinals last autumn, in which he of all places in his best matchup, the Zerg vs. Protoss, 1: 3 failed at Snow, who then went down 4: 4 against Flash in the final. The game for third place also brought action to a ZvP. And even though he was able to win the first match against Rain as against Snow, it was again 1: 3 in the end.

Dangerous at a high level only in late game

Nevertheless, a respectable fourth place came in the end along with the highest prize money of his career so far. That definitely makes you want and hope for more, especially since Kim Seong Dae, as the top four finisher of season 8 in the ninth season of the Afreeca Starleague, benefited from being set for the second group phase.

In group C, two zergs were drawn for him with Soma and Soulkey and a protoss with Sea.KH, which he thankfully received in the opening match. There Action once again unpacked an unorthodox game, broke off his lair and tried to break his opponent early with a hydralisk timing attack. Although this approach failed, the defense of the 27-year-old was good enough afterwards to save himself in his dreaded late game, which brought him the important opening win.

Action subsequently lost the game for the group win against Soma 1: 2, but was then able to win the final for the quarter-finals 2: 0 in another encounter with Sea.KH, who beat Soulkey. Four wins from six games, even though Action has not yet faced a Terran.

First of all among the best four players of the ASL

This is exactly what favors the tip on the favorites with Flash against Action, because the ZvT by Kim Seong Dae is definitely considered his Achilles’ heel. Probably also because his early and mid game is considered too little constant. It is not for nothing that we find astronomical notations of up to 6.25 on the part of bookmakers for his entry into the quarterfinals.

Action at ASL Season 8 beat Sharp a strong Terran 3-2 in the quarterfinals to reach the round of the best four players in this tournament format for the first and only time in his career. Especially against Flash, who has already won the SC Star League four times, such a respectable success is hardly reproducible.

The fact is that action has to find some creative solutions just for the opening of the game, because Flash will hardly let him get into the late game, which would probably be his only chance to get at least one point.

Flash vs. Action Betting odds comparison

🕹 Betting Tips: Flash
👾 Odds: 1.16
🕹 Betting Tips: Action
👾 Odds: 4.50

Flash vs. Action Maps

Map pool ASL Season 9:
Maps: Neo Sylphid, Escalade, Inner Coven, Horizon Lunar Colony, Polypoid, Matchpoint, Hitchhiker

Both players can exclude a map. The remaining five cards will then – if necessary – be played in sequence in this quarter-final played in the Best of 5. It could well happen that the spectators see a few new matchups on new cards. After all, the five duels between Terraner and Zerg as part of ASL Season 9 only took place on three cards.

We assume that in addition to the Map Hitchhiker, a map such as Polypoid or Matchpoint should also be on the protagonists’ ban lists. For a map like Horizon Lunar Colony, on which Zerg had previously won 100% against Protoss, it could well be the ZvT premiere.

Flash vs Action Free Betting Tips

When it comes to Flash vs. Action, the prediction clearly goes in the direction of the Terran, who has already won four of the past eight Afreeca Starleague events and is also the top favorite for defending the title in practically all bookies in the ninth season.

It is clear that Action has to put a lot of effort into avoiding the 0-3 defeat in the shortest possible time, because Flash knows that his opponent is particularly vulnerable in early and mid-game. So Lee Young Ho should unpack tactics like his infamous +1 5 Rax to quickly decide the games by taking third base early on his opponent.

Key facts – Flash vs Action tips

Flash has been unbeaten in the ASL for twelve cards across all seasons
Flash has won more than $ 400,000 in prize money in his career and has won the ASL four times
Action was in the eighth season for the first and only time among the best eight players of the ASL

Conversely, Action will adapt to this, which is why we trust the blatant outsider to win at least one match in the Best of 5. This would make the bet on more than 3.5 maps obvious, but we recommend Flash against Action that Flash wins the game 3: 1 in the end. After all, we do not assume that the favorite, who is very risky, would even begin to burn a bit after losing a point.

For the 3: 1, there are also 3.00 flash against action odds available in the very profitable area. However, because this requires the underdog’s mapped point, three units should be the maximum amount of effort.

Flash vs. Action Korea – Betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

So this betting option also wins if the game ends up going the full distance of five cards or if the underdog surprisingly wins the match 3: 1 or 3: 2 at the end.

🕹 Betting Tips: Over 3.5 maps
👾 Odds: 1.57
🕹 Betting Tips: Under 3.5 maps
👾 Odds: 2.25

🕹 Betting Tips: Republic of Flash
👾 Odds: 1.36
🕹 Betting Tips: Republic of Action
👾 Odds: 3.00